Published Works by Andrea Chase, M.S., J.D.

With dual degrees in law and psychology plus over 30,000 hours of experience working with children and families, Andrea Chase, M.S., J.D. is uniquely qualified to provide consultation and evaluation services for matters concerning child custody, home studies, adoption, bonding assessments, and child welfare.

Andrea is currently in the third year of her doctoral program where she is studying forensic psychology with an emphasis in Victimology (a branch of criminology that scientifically studies the relationship between an injured party and an offender by examining the causes and the nature of the consequent suffering. Specifically, victimology focuses on whether the perpetrators were complete strangers, mere acquaintances, friends, family members, or even intimates and why a particular person or place was targeted. Criminal victimization may inflict economic costs, physical injuries, and psychological harm).  Andrea is focusing specifically on victims of child abuse and domestic violence.

Below is a selection of Andrea’s scholarly writings:

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Victim of Domestic Violence

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Jodi Arias_Case Study and Battered Woman Syndrome

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